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Artisan foods made in Italy!

Cibo Italia

Cibo Italia is a sales organization specializing in Italian food products and specifically in deli items: Prosciutto, Cheeses, Antipasti, etc.


We operate as a bridge between the US and Europe. Birthed from a lifetime of experience and strong product knowledge which is constantly evolving, our distinctiveness lies in our ability to organize and manage a professional sales network which responds to individual client needs all the while respecting each producers philosophy.


We provide exclusive service for our customers. Quality, innovation, reliability and a serious commercial approach are the strengths on which we have built our success. 
From the very start we have represented the most trusted and innovative co-packer producers able to supply retail chains all over the world.


We are continuously improving and evolving with changing times and markets. We provide clients with all the guarantees they need thanks to our policy of quality and authenticity which is, in the end, our best introduction.