Provolone DOP

In the beautiful countryside of North Italy, Ca.Bre Casearia Bresciana collects the milk  from  farmers operating inside the prized DOP zone (Protected Denomination of Origin) creating the delicious Provolone Valpadana.

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Provolone Valpadana Consortium

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Slab Shape Piccante

Mandarin Piccante

Valpadana Piccante

Wedge Shape

Sharp Provolone
Product Number: PR498 (110lbs)
Product Number: PR-398 (65lbs)
Packed: 1/110lbs or 1/65lbs


Sharp Provolone
Product Number: PR270
Packed 1/22lbs. 

Sharp Provolone
Product Number: PR996
Packed 20/10.58oz. 

Sharp Provolone
Product Number: PR964
Packed 2/12lbs. 

Fiaschetto Piccante

Provoletta Dolce

Slab Shape Deli Dolce

Sharp Provolone
Product Number: PR160
Packed: 6/4.4lbs
Ask about our smoked line.


Product Number: PR159
Packed 12/2.2lbs. 

Slicing Provolone Skinless
Product Number: PR880
Packed: 2/9lbs

Slab Shape Deli Piccante

Slicing Provolone w/Skin
Product Number: PR881 (Dolce)
Product Number: PR841 (Sharp)
Packed: 2/12lbs.


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